The Tailory New York is taking us on a ride back in time to La Belle Epoque (The Beautiful Era). This vibrant period was a thunderstorm, fashion played the role of lightning, and the designers were naturally an ensemble cast of thunder gods. 

These designers were focused on evoking moods, and accomplished such by producing unique pieces, one custom design at a time. This was a turning point in fashion history, it set in motion modern fashion, and fossilized the preceding eras. 

”There is a clear lineage back to La Belle Epoque, from the modern pieces that I am designing presently,'' says Shao Yang, Founder & Creative Director of The Tailory New York. “Designing this collection has been on my mind for years. It is a throwback to the high-waisted invasion, and when corsets were finally liberated. Presently, I respectively consider both design elements as customary.”